duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

Dintre lucrurile care ma impresioneaza

Am primit astazi un comentariu pe blogul care contine povestea mea scrisa in limba engleza. Si m-a impresionat atat de tare incat am dorit sa il postez si aici. Cu atat mai mult cu cat poate ajuta si alte persoane aflate in situatia mea.

Dear Christina,
My name is Jeff. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. In December 2004, i was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was lucky. After 6 and a half months of chemo therapy, I was “cured” for lack of a better term. i have been in full remission ever since. Ironically, in early 2007 my younger brother was also dianosed with Hodgkin’s… Although it is considered to be a less life threatening form of cancer, Allen has shown us how… It is not always the easiest cancer to beat.
I love my brother. However, he is a HUGE asshole… LOL. Of all the people in my family, I was the one… I was a 5 for 5 match for stem cell donation. 3 months ago after the doctors told us that they had exhausted all treatment options and “hospice’ was the only option… We prepared for my younger brother to die….
After 2 and half years of struggling with this disease… He had dropped from 205lbs. down to 132lbs… With the only remaining option from all of his doctors at John’s Hopkins Medical Center being that he prepare to die…. He instead has chosen to ‘eat’…. He has gained 12 lbs… He has not given up…. His last PET scan came in showing his tumors have stopped growing…. he is gaining enough strength for one last round of treatment…. On October 30th, 2009 I will travel back to John’s Hopkin’s to have my bone marrow harvested and given to my brother Allen….
There is always hope when you have strength to fight. Never give up! You are a beautiful girl with 1000’s that love you and are on your side. But, despite everything else; it’s ultimately up to you and your inner strength to fight back and never give in to despair.
I believe in you! Be positive and beat this thing! And when you are done, and you have your life back…. Never waste a a single minute of a single day without looking at the sky, or looking at a child and smiling… You are blessed…
Now… get to work! You have a lot more living to do!

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